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marnanel_joule's Journal

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Joule is a way of keeping track of who's reading your stuff.

Lots of sites allow you to make a list of people you want to follow (sometimes called a friends list, or a watch list). Sometimes they also let you see who has you on their friends list. But wouldn't it be nifty if you could see when people start and stop reading you, like this?

That's what Joule is for.

Joule has been around for five years and has tens of thousands of happy users.
This community is for discussion amongst these users, and for release announcements.

Who's friended you today?

Show me the friends of:

as a or

script by marnanel

How to get a box like the one above on your userinfo.

Full documentation about almost everything you could want.

How to get Joule to track new sites.